The Holiday Concepts website can only be logged into by those who own a timeshare with a Holiday Concepts resort. Using your membership number and password, enter these details into the HCG Member Login section on the home page.

Yes. Enter your same email address and membership number listed on your account and click on the ‘remind me’ button. The password will be emailed to you. If there is no password on file, you will still get the reminder but you will need to request a password with Member Services. For security reasons, the email address on file is where the password will be sent.

In the My Account tab at the bottom of the screen you have the option to tick to receive the weekly Ultimate Escape Email. By ticking this box and remembering to update options you will continue to or start to receive these specials.

Yes. Once you have logged into the Holiday Concepts members area, select payments / view & pay your charges from the menu. If there is any maintenance levy due or outstanding, the payment required will be listed for you to pay

Yes. Select personal details from the menu. Your password can be changed and updated via this screen along with your address and contact numbers.

Yes. Bookings for Holiday Concepts managed resorts are now available to be booked online using your entitlements. Confirmation letters and receipts of payments will be sent to you via your nominated email address which matches your personal details from the My Account screen. Ensure you take your confirmation letters with you for check-in.

Note – Availability for all resorts opens 24 months in advance, however you may only search online availability up until your entitlement expiry or the online booking window of 23 months.

Yes. Select account details / view your entitlements from the menu.

Within the Holiday Concepts group your entitlement is initially valid for 12 months from the 1st Jan where you can use your week at one of the Holiday Concepts managed resorts without paying any fees. Should you choose to extend your entitlement to use for a further 2 years, a deferral or exchange fee will apply.

A deferral or exchange fee is payment required when you are not using your entitlement within the first 12 months of the active date, or if you are using your entitlement outside of the Holiday Concepts Group. This fee once paid, then enables you to use your week for future use either back at a Holiday Concepts managed resort or further a field into other exchange properties.

Select payments / extend your entitlement from the menu. Entitlements that are valid to extend will be listed. Select the entitlement you wish to extend, then you will be required to pay the deferral fee using a valid Visa or Mastercard which will then activate your entitlement.

No. You can pay to extend your entitlement upfront and then come back prior to the expiry date to make your reservation.

Yes. You will be presented with a list of valid entitlements prior to making a booking.

Yes. Select payments / pre-pay next years levy from the menu. This will then give you the option to pre-pay the maintenance fee based on the last levy invoiced for that share. 100% of the maintenance fees must be paid before a booking can be made. Please note that some further levies maybe payable when the future levy is actually set.

Yes. Bonus weeks are also now available for you to book online. Select "make a booking" / "book an ultimate escape" from the menu . Select the resort and date that you wish to book for availability and prices.

Bonus weeks are available to check 9 months in advance outside of school holidays and 3 months prior to school holidays.

Yes. Outside of school holidays you can purchase a bonus week for a guest. School holidays are only permitted for members use.

Yes. If you are not travelling & checking into the resort as the member, you must purchase a guest certificate. If you are aware at the time of booking that you will not be travelling, a guest certificate can be added at the same time either with Member Services or online if you are confirming your booking on the website. The guest certificate fee is $40.00 which is to be paid at the time of booking or can be added prior to the check in date if the guest is unknown. If a guest attempts to check into the resort and no guest certificate has been added, the guest may either be turned away and or charged a fee of $50.00 at the resort.

Select account details / booking history from the menu. Under this tab, you are given the option to add a guest certificate by selecting edit next to the booking of your choice. By choosing to add a guest certificate you will be asked to pay the $40.00 guest fee via a current Visa or Mastercard.
This section will also show you your booking history for the past three years.

Yes. Once you have selected the resort and date you would like to confirm, you will be given the opportunity to enter any special requests that you may require. These may include such requests as unit number, location on the resort or up/downstairs units. We recommend that these requests be followed up by a phone call to the resort as all requests are subject to availability. Do not add any requests relating to the entitlement that you want to use as Member Services do not check these requests, as they are only for resort purposes.

The website only provides live availability at Holiday Concepts managed resorts. For other exchange resorts please contact Member Services on 1300 369 463 for current exchange and bonus availability for your week.

Points are allocated on four (4) different Seasonality bands, reflecting seasonal demand:

School Holiday Weeks (and other peak times)                                   (Purple)

Other High Demand Weeks (prime time)                                          (Red)

Shoulder Weeks (normal time)                                                          (White)

Low Demand Weeks (off-season time)                                              (Blue)

Every resort is graded into one of the following demand categories:

Extremely High                                                                                   (Platinum)

High                                                                                                     (Gold)

Popular                                                                                                (Silver)

Standard                                                                                              (Bronze)

You will use more Points to holiday at a ‘Platinum’ graded resort for the same size apartment and time of year than at a resort of a lower grading. See the Points Table for more details.

Holiday Rewards Points Table

It is important to note seasons may change from year to year, and grading’s for resorts may also change when annual reviews are conducted. You should contact Member Services on 1300 369 463 for the most up to date information on the Points Table and all of your booking needs.

Points table