I am a Holiday Rewards Club Points owner, how do I know how many points are required to confirm a booking at a Holiday Concepts resort?

Points are allocated on four (4) different Seasonality bands, reflecting seasonal demand:

School Holiday Weeks (and other peak times)                                   (Purple)

Other High Demand Weeks (prime time)                                          (Red)

Shoulder Weeks (normal time)                                                          (White)

Low Demand Weeks (off-season time)                                              (Blue)

Every resort is graded into one of the following demand categories:

Extremely High                                                                                   (Platinum)

High                                                                                                     (Gold)

Popular                                                                                                (Silver)

Standard                                                                                              (Bronze)

You will use more Points to holiday at a ‘Platinum’ graded resort for the same size apartment and time of year than at a resort of a lower grading. See the Points Table for more details.

Holiday Rewards Points Table

It is important to note seasons may change from year to year, and grading’s for resorts may also change when annual reviews are conducted. You should contact Member Services on 1300 369 463 for the most up to date information on the Points Table and all of your booking needs.

Points table

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